20 August, 2013

Galilee, Part 2

Day 3 of our Galilee trip was a game changer for me. By God's grace, I had felt great all of IBEX (well, except for the flu in the middle there haha)! When I woke up that morning, I felt sick (those close to me will know what I mean when I say that), and this sickness continued through the rest of the semester. As a result, my photo taking really diminished, so I can't really say that the rest of Galilee was fully documented and that makes me so sad!!!.. but for what I did get, enjoy!

12 August, 2013

Galilee, Part 1

Galilee is easily the most anticipated trip of the entire IBEX semester. It is 8 glorious days in northern Israel, and much of it really feels more like a vacation than a field study. Early Saturday morning arrived, and we all scrambled on the bus with our bags and books and eager souls!!!