12 December, 2013

Engagement :)!

So it was our two year anniversary, and we got all dressed up for dinner to celebrate. I wanted to take some photos beforehand, since the last time we got all fancy we ran out of time and couldn't get any pictures. And I wanted to do it in a nicer location than in the street of my sorta ghetto neighborhood, so I came up with the brilliant idea to go to a specific lookout to take the photos. I asked my roommate Stephanie if she could come with us to take them, and she was so nice to say yes! 
Little did I know is that Ryan had planned to propose there that very day at that very time, and Stephanie was planning on coming anyways to take photos of the whole ordeal. Now they didn't need to come up with some hilarious reason to get me on the edge of a mountain while I'm in high heels before dinner. Hahaha soo I don't know how that inception worked out, but yepppp it was pretty hilarious that it became my own idea. And several smaller issues came up and I almost called off the whole photoshoot off so we could just get to dinner, and I was pretty confused when Ryan and Stephanie were so insistent that we take some pictures :) haaa. So needless to say, when we walked to the end of the point and I saw the set up, I was completelyyy shocked. And it was then that I finally knew what was about to happen!!!!