31 March, 2013

Negev Day 1

Welcome to Day 1 of our four day trip to the Negev region of Israel! Negev means south and dry.. keyword: dry. It is a huge barren desert with very little rain and fresh water resources. In order to live in this part of the country, you have to totally and completely depend on God due to this climatic instability (if there's no rain.. yooouu'rree toast!) Oddly enough, this lil section of land was highly coveted by surrounding peoples because it connects the coast to Transjordan (other side of the Jordan River) with its routes.. so it's not just a good for nothin chunk of dirt and sand :) 

27 March, 2013

Shephelah: Round Two

We got to go back to the Shephelah region!! To see our first adventure to this part of the country, visit Shephelah: Round One

20 March, 2013

Tel Aviv

Aside from Jerusalem, Tel Aviv is the biggest city in Israel. It's lines the coast of the Mediterranean sea, making it a prime beach location, and its city-ness reminded me so much of Los Angeles. I almost didn't feel like I was in Israel at some parts throughout the day.

16 March, 2013

Shephelah: Round One

This was the best trip to date, no doubt. The Shephelah region in Israel is one of my favorite parts of the country. It's green, lush, and beautiful. I loved every moment of it. Known as the lowlands, you descend into the Shephelah from the Hill Country of Judah (where I live). It's awesome to see with your eyes the places that the Old Testament describes so intricately. 

09 March, 2013

Purim Celebration

Purim falls in the end of the month of February. It's a Jewish Holiday where the account of Esther is read, and they celebrate the deliverance of the Jewish people out of Haman's (a real bad Persian man who wanted to kill them) hands. Think of it as a kind of halloween. We dressed up in costumes and got to perform a short skit. It was a great night!! :) 

05 March, 2013

Jerusalem Approaches

This field study focused on the different ways to get into the city of Jerusalem. It is most easily accessed from the north, but there are also eastern and southern approaches as well. We had a great time exploring the land!!