31 December, 2012

Courtright Camping Trip

I had the blessed opportunity to go camping with a few of my favorite guys!!! It was a GREAT trip, the moment it was over I was already looking forward to next year. My dad took me, my boyfriend Ryan, my cousin Chris, and my baby Moosey love Maui girl (I adore my dog) to Courtright Reservoir. It was beautiful during the day and freezing at night; rain clouds were constantly hovering above. It was a trip to remember, and I think these photos capture it remarkably well. Enjoy!

27 December, 2012

Christmas in Frazier Park

Blessings upon blessings... these include Christmas time, the Francis family, my dad, and the snow. I hope you get as much enjoyment out of these pictures as I do. Hahaha sledding is so much fun, especially when you have the best sledding partner :)

24 December, 2012

Lombardi Pumpkin Patch

My roommate and I made our annual visit to the pumpkin patch to celebrate the fall season. This year was a little special though because we brought Ryan and Danny who were incredibly patient with our obsession for random and seemingly senseless (but so cute!) photos.

17 December, 2012

Yosemite Hike

This summer I had the privilege to hike to the Cathedral Lakes in Yosemite. It was a weekend full of great times, great people, and great sights. The view when we finally reached the end of our hike was breathtaking. See for yourself :) 

05 December, 2012

El Capitan State Beach

We headed to the California coast to El Capitan State Beach and met up with a group of friends that were camping there (happy birthday Lindsey!!). When we got there, there was just enough time to catch the last few moments of daylight :)

21 November, 2012

My Roommates

This semester, I live with five girls in an apartment much too small for all our chaos. And as I move out in the next few weeks, I am going to miss these crazy times every single day. These girls are so dear to me.

One random Tuesday night at 11pm, we decided it was time for a photo shoot. I love my roommates :)

20 November, 2012

Clippers Game

Thanks to my awesome friend Tim (he provided us with four VIP tickets!!!), I was able to have a fantastic Halloween this year :) I went to my first big time basketball game: LA Clippers vs. Memphis Grizzlies. Me, Ryan, Steph, and Tim had a freaking great time!! It was a crazy close game, and we were surrounded by people in hilariously well-done costumes. Happy Halloween!

Oh and P.S., I really love spending time with these three.

13 November, 2012

Monsters Calling Home

My most wonderful boyfriend surprised me with tickets to a small show in Hollywood of one of our favorite lil bands, Monsters Calling Home :) It was a summer special that the Sunset Marquis hotel was doing called "Live at the Marquis." It was a pretty adorable day.. we had a great time!!

09 November, 2012

Fall Thing

The fall semester social event: Fall Thing. The theme this year was international travel, and I got to go with some of my best friends! It was also my first Fall Thing ever :) Ryan and I dressed from Japan as a samurai and a geisha, Steph and Danny repped Spain as a matador and a bull, and Tim and Linds were from the friggin' sea as a sailor and mermaid. It was great.

24 October, 2012

Outreach Week 2012

My school does something sort of fantastic in the fall semester.. one week in October is designated to helping out at local churches. Classes are cancelled so that students can take time away from school and devote themselves to service. But the beauty of this week is that it is immensely FUN. I had a great week and met some wonderful new people :)