24 October, 2012

Outreach Week 2012

My school does something sort of fantastic in the fall semester.. one week in October is designated to helping out at local churches. Classes are cancelled so that students can take time away from school and devote themselves to service. But the beauty of this week is that it is immensely FUN. I had a great week and met some wonderful new people :)
I went to The Bridge Bible Fellowship church in Reseda, CA. We set up for Compassion Ministry, where we made about 40 boxes full of the fresh food (for real, only the best is provided!) and we hand them out to those in need, which also gives us an opportunity to pray over them right there. We then had a work day at the church and also helped out the Pregnancy Center move locations and host a giant yard sale. On Sunday, we got to attend the services at TBBF which was a delight :) Much love and thanks to Patrick, TBBF's youth pastor, for allowing us to serve alongside him. He and his parents both opened their homes to us too. It really was a great week.

lil Chelsea is painfully cute, so I kinda had to make another edit of this shot

Photos taken from October 10th-14th at The Bridge Bible Fellowship church in Reseda.
Photo credit to Stephanie too!