01 February, 2013

Neve Ilan, Nahal Yitlah, and Shabbat Night

Natalie and Wendy led us on a walk to Neve Ilan.. our next-door neighbor town :) on the way there, we walked up to a beautiful viewpoint, and of course all of this took place during the magic hour… aka sunset :)

Rooooomies <3

Ben and Justin choosing nearby targets to throw rocks at.. haha

The next day we hiked down the valley from Yad Hashmona, the Nahal Yitlah. Then we hiked up the otherside of the mountain. It was intense and rewarding... our view at the top was amazing and it was awesome to see Abu Ghosh, Kiriat Jaarim, Yad Hashmona, and Neve Ilan all in one sight.

This is a cistern. It's deep and cold and scary..

..and Bill's son Zach went right in for a swim :) haha

Finally made it to the top!! :)

 Then we walked to a goat farm...

Goats galore!!

On our return home as the sun was setting

The next day we had some classes, an ultimate frisbee match, then started the celebration of Shabbat. Somewhere in the middle of the festivities we took some time for group photos :)

IBEX staff and families Spring 2013. we are so thankful for you guys, seriously

Precious Schlegel family :)

Ultimate Frisbee

And the lighting was beautiful so I figured it was time for some nice pics ;)
Meet my lady blessings

Bill's little girl, Sarah

We had our first chapel that night :) Shabbat shalom everyone!