20 March, 2013

Tel Aviv

Aside from Jerusalem, Tel Aviv is the biggest city in Israel. It's lines the coast of the Mediterranean sea, making it a prime beach location, and its city-ness reminded me so much of Los Angeles. I almost didn't feel like I was in Israel at some parts throughout the day.
We got there mid morning and were soon released to do whatever we wanted. Free days are the best!

One of my favorite views of the day

Heading toward the Tel Aviv Independence Hall

At the Independence Hall.. this place is famous for prime minister Ben Gurion's signing of Israel's declaration of independence 

We set out for lunch and got to experience the famous arts and crafts fair of Tel Aviv. It's quirkiness reminded me so much of Portland but it still had that special Israeli twist. Lots of talented vendors and interesting characters on the streets

I came across the most perfect notebook my hands have ever had the privilege of holding. I'd buy a thousand of these if I could

A group of us landed on this pizza place for lunch and I was literally squealing with excitement. To say I miss American food is an understatement

hahahaha. We were so happy :)

The shuk (open air market).. vendors calling at you left and right and not an inch of personal space :)

 Off to the beach!

Aaand heading back to the bus to make it home in time for dinner. 

This was our first non-field study day, meaning we just got to play the entire time. It was a time of no school and relaxation.. right before we sold our souls to our notes and books as the IBEX midterms punched us square in the faces :) hehe. Anyways, I <3 Tel Aviv and I already want to go back.