23 January, 2013

Traveling abroad for the first time :)

On January 19th, I started my journey to the Holy Land. With barely any sleep, I made my way to school (not without the aid of my bestest friends) at 4:30am to take the shuttle to LAX. It was cold and our bodies ached from the lack of rest. I said goodbye to some of the most important people in my life and then loaded myself onto the bus..then my friends proceeded to come around to my window and give me these pathetic faces...

Ryan's in the back but it's hard to see him. And that was the image I left with. hahahahaha depressing

By 5:30am, we were on the road. We arrived at LAX, went through security, and walked to our gate.


About an hour later we boarded our flight and landed in Philadelphia.

After a four hour layover, we were finally on our way to Tel Aviv. The flight was hilariously unpleasant for me (I can't sleep on planes), and my stomach ached horribly.. so to be stuck in an airplane for 11 hours was the greatest ;) all that to say.. International Travel: 1, Dani: 0.

And then my eyes saw Israel for the first time

 Hello Israel

So, we left early Saturday morning and made it to our final destination Sunday evening, just in time for dinner. This is my first Israeli meal... pretty good :)

Thank you for all your prayers for safe travels. We are so excited to be here :)